June 19, 2024

80 thoughts on “Take This: Beach Goth Ticket Giveaway

  1. I would love to win tickets for this festoval. I haven’t had the experience to attend Beach Goth the past 3 years. This years festival is what I consider a DREAM LINE-UP!


  2. Me and my girlfriend love this festival so much! It’s gotten a little pricier which has prevented us from going. But this years lineup is very bomb! Some would say too bomb! I’m getting in there one way or another but it would be amazing if you sent us! We dress up when we go also! If I could post it I would’ve put our sexy Beetlejuice and Lydia costumes from Beach Goth 2013 as extra incentive. Please pick us!

  3. I’m mostly excited to see Grimes because I love vibing to her music. For an entire summer her album visions was like my theme. My friends were always joking that it was “pixie” music I can’t wait :).

  4. I want to see a whole bunch of these artists but I’m most excited for 5678’s. Those Japanese ladies are so effing rad πŸ˜€

  5. I can’t wait to see Juicy J because his music is turnt! Also, bringing famous punk bands such as The AdiTh is really bringing it all home.

  6. I’m most stoked to see FIDLAR because they’ve been my favorite band since I moved to LA 5 years ago, but any time they played a show, I could never make it. I really respect how Zac recently went sober as well, and I want to see them perform their new songs now that he won’t be under the influence.

  7. i would be most excited to see the mummies because they are legends to me in garage rock and i want to experience them live

  8. who am I not excited to see honestly.. From the headliners to the bands in small font, they’re all badass! So so so many good bands but I’m living that broke college life and would love to win these tickets! πŸ™‚

  9. I am soooo excited to see fidlar I love every single one of their songs and ive never seen them live and I can’t wait to see the adicts they are gonna be sooo incredible live I am honestly excited about every single band/person thats playing I wanna see them all please pick me I love you please help a broke sista out I’m just tryna party pls

  10. I REALLY want to see Die Antwoord!! They moved all the way from South Africa to Beachwood. I’ve seen them in the donut shop, but never in concert! I’m also a ninja.. So there’s that.

  11. I said it in my Instagram post and I’ll say it again. This lineups got me jiiiizzzzzin this lineups got me grroooovin. I can’t tell you what/who I’m most excited about because once again beach goth is perfection and Tom green is the cherry on top. @zero_oars

  12. from the growlers to touche amore to the addicts to god so many other great bands there isnt one that i wanna see the most theres a good chunk i wanna see and an essay wouldnt be enough to describe how bad i wanna see them πŸ™‚

  13. I am most excited to see Grimes! Beach Goth is her only California show this year so far and she has been working on a ton of new material for her highly anticipated follow up to “Visions” and I sure she will be debuting a lot of that new stuff considering she is already kind of bored with performing all her old stuff and she is not one to shy away revealing new songs live. Beach Goth would be the perfect chance to catch her and all my other faves as well.

  14. Definitely most excited to see Corners, I’ve seen them a few times and they always put on a great show. It’s rare to find artist who genuinely look like they are having a blast while on stage versus just trying to look cool for a crowd. Their bassist Billy totally gets down and seems to have an epic time doing so, it just makes dancing along to the music that much more exhilarating. Much love for Corners<3

  15. I’m most excited to see Mac Demarco! Mac inspires me to make music and I’d really love to hear some of his new songs live! I also really want to see The Adicts and mosh until I pass out.

  16. While I am a fan of Mac Demarco, I have never had the opportunity to see him live. I’m excited to witness his infamous goofiness, which fascinates me because of his mellow, melancholy tunes. I respect him for being who he is, in all aspects of himself. What better way to enjoy Mac than to see him live with a plethora of other talented musicians?

  17. This is line up is too stacked to be excited or most excited for one band/artist! Although my top five would have to be The Growlers, Ghost, The Drums, Mac Demarco, and even though I just saw them this past Saturday, together PANGEA (they put on an epic show)!!! Would love to win tickets though, trying to make October 2015 one to remeber since I will be shipping off for Basic Training in November!

  18. Too many to name, but for now DIE ANTWOORD, love their music unfortunately I have not had the chance to see them perform live and I think this event would be quite the experience to see them perform for the first time

  19. I really want to see Mac Demarco! He puts me in a state of euphria and it’s a feeling like no other ? Mac is bae and I would love to see him live because he is the most mellow and authentic artist. The person I take with me to this will be someone who can enjoy such a great lineup of musicians ✨✨✨

  20. Definitely geared for 2 days of ultimate chill at Beach Goth 4, especially to see Warpaint. Only good vibes will await when they perform and their melodic voices and pulsating beats will keep the party going, trust.

  21. Beach Goth is kind of like a house party. If the house party was exposed to massive amounts of radiation that caused it to mutate into a gigantic idiosyncratic mosh pit!

    I’m excited to dress up and dance my feet off! I’m curious to see Tom Green host it and I can’t wait to hear my boyfriend wail Rocky Horror songs in my ear!

  22. Im really excited to see DIIV because they one of the most amazing bands. Listenting to their music makes me feel like im in a state of euphoria. I never saw them live and i hope i get the chance to see them. ??

  23. I said it on twitter but i didnt notice you saying comment on this post but here it is again: pick me! I want to see the aquabats and the Selena impersonators ??

  24. Just thinking of the lineup gets me all wet <33 I wouldn't want to miss Mac Demarco, DIIV and Mr Twin Sister

    IG: maharishi_xiv

  25. Hey guys! I’m a 23 y-o intern in the music field in NY! Only in the States for 6 months, so I just HAVE to go to this festival! The band I want to see most… hmmm.. THE GROWLEEEERRRS πŸ™‚ But I mean Warpaint, Mac Demarco, Juicy J, the Subhumans… are also in the top 5! Thanks for giving us a chance to win these awesome tickets (it would be a great B-Day gift — on the 25th πŸ˜‰ just sayin.. )!!

  26. I want to go so bad i live like 10 minutes away from the observatory!!!!My boyfriend and i want to see the growlers!!

  27. i’m excited to see FIDLAR because me and my group of best friends are super into the music and especially love what the band’s name stands for. it’s provided me with living everyday the way I want to because time doesn’t wait for anyone, whatever happens, life goes on, and it’s up to me to be in control of my own happiness. sometimes life’s a bitch.. ain’t it? but Fuck It Dog, Life’s A Risk and when the times only mom gets what i’m going through i say Forget It Dad, Life’s All Right

    1. I would love to see The Growlers because they were there for me on valentines day when my ex decided to ditch me. Thank god I had plans that night with my all time best friend Stacey. I miss them so much and love them beyond belief, seeing them live would make everything so much better. Also FIDLAR because my friend (stacey) and I tried to see them in tumblr irl only to be told our rsvp didnt stand for shit. So we tried to bring down the fence along with some other people. I basically owe this to Stacey and it would make us beyond happy to see our two favorite bands.

  28. I’m excited to see the Adicts bc I haven’t seen them since I was 14. I also am very excited to see Warpaint. I was able to catch them at desert daze and they blew me away ? Ready for round 2 for sure.

  29. I would be most excited to see THE GROWLERS, MAC DEMARCO, THE DRUMS, JOYCE MANOR, DIE ANTWOORD, GRIMES, JULIAN, FILDAR, TOUCHE AMORE, THE ADICTS, THE PESOS, basically the whole lineup…because it’s freaking amazing! They’re groups I’ve really wanted to see and my friend I would be traveling from out of state just to go to this since we haven’t been able to go in the past. It’d be amazing to win tickets for this!

  30. i want these tickets sooo bad! just thinking about mac demarco ,julian, and the growlers on the same night, holy crap!!!!!

  31. Camera Obscura and Warpaint!

    I don’t have a Twitter, but I’ll follow on fb and ig. Hope I’m still eligible. Thanks!

  32. I’m most excited to see No Parents because at burgerama we spent half of their set in line to get in, then i ripped the bottom of my foot open during their set. I had to go to the first aid tent and spent the rest of the weekend and next week limping. Before that i dislocated my shoulder seeing them at the echo. I want to see what will happen.

  33. I am most excited to see Die Antwoord and Funkadelics! For Antwoord are insane and I know they will be epic to see live!!! They have a song about babies on fire which is amazing. Also, seeing Funkadelics would be the greatest thing ever because they are from the 70s so it would be a major throwback to see them! Ahhhh I really hope I win because my birthday is on October 27 and that would be the best birthday present!

  34. I am really hoping I can take my girl if we win these tickets! We’re excited to see Die Antword and The Growlers. There both just so unique artist that really inspire the both of us. We love music and we love everyone who is going to perform.

  35. I am most psyched for No Parents, Del the Funky Homosapien, and The Growlers cause who wouldnt be fucking psyched!

  36. To be honest, I’m really not sure who I’d be the most excited to see. It’s such a great lineup that it’s almost hard to pick a favorite, but I’ve always wanted to see The Subhumans. That band brings back a lot of memories of my High School years.

  37. Im most excited for the freaking adicts because ever since i can remmber ive always missed there shows when theyre here in la and theyre just so legendary. And a chance to get monkeys hat or something or card would be rad!
    i would really much appreciate some tickets from you guys.
    ps also subhumans ,and of course the oh so amazing growlers and jucy j and mac demarco

  38. Really want to see Mac Demarco, the growlers, and Julian casablancas and the voidz!! Mac Demarco is simply a great musician that I’d love to hear live, the growlers concert during the summer was amazing so I’d like to experience that again, and Julian casablancas is awesome and would love to see him since he’s a part of my all time favorite band the strokes.

  39. i’m most excited to see Mac DeMarco. an ex lover introduced him to me and his album 2 was the soundtrack of our love affair. he broke my heart and anytime i heard the Mac i was haunted by heartbreak. it’s been over a year now and i can finally enjoy Mac’s music without loss filling my mind. Giving me a chance to see him with one of my best friends would be giving me a chance to celebrate being free of the past’s holds on my life. please pick me!

  40. It’s very difficult for me to pick who I want to see because I love several of the performers on this line up! The Growlers, Mac Demarco, Alla-Las, Toro Y Moi, Prayers, Moving Units, The Drums! God please, I want to see them all.
    Having to pick one in particular, I would choose Toro Y Moi because I have a strong connection to Rose Quartz and have developed spiritual practices from this song that has lead me to collect several quartz and stones. Enhancing good spiritual being and great vibes is key and I only want to bring good evergy and vibes to the event. -Kelvin

  41. i honestly look forward to the day itself. currently am unemployed, being 16 but in love with mac demarco, julian casablancas,grimes,the drums, die antwoord, mystic braves, fidlar, juicy j etc. their music just helps me visualise fragments of my thoughts and emotions that i personally couldnt fathom myself. their music displays unexplainable symphonies that tell such emotional stpries and they always have ways of lifting me when im low and im ever so greatful even just to have heard their music but seeing them life would trully be a blessing, thanks for the positive vibes, much love from westminster ca

  42. dude what a great line up. ive never been able to see the growlers and i fell in love with my stupid boy listening to them. id love to see them play. and FIDLAR cause they make me feel like its aight’ to live my life like a piece of garbage.

  43. If I were the chose one, I’d be most excited to see The Growlers. I went to their L.A show on Valentine’s Day and wow it was amazing. The crowd and the vibe was overwhelming. I spent it with my best friend and since we couldn’t get into the FIDLAR IRL show, I’d like to take her to beach goth to make up for it. I know that we would have the best time and it would bring us tears. Mac Demarco would be responsible for my lost voice if we win. Thank you for the opportunity to win and read this. Sincerely, a broke teenager who loves the growlers.

  44. My eyes went <3 <3 when I saw GRIMES on the lineup. I love how she learned how to play a handful of new instruments recently; all the instruments on her new album are played and engineered by her I believe. Mad skills. I would like to see her (hopefully she will) drop some new songs at the festival. Amazing how she scrapped an album because it wasn't a reflection of her current happy state- she is a true artist who loves her craft. GRIMES all the way.

  45. I’m most excited about seeing The Drums, their music has helped me out so much whenever times were tough. Please choose me. I would greatly appreciate it.

  46. I feel like this will be my last opportunity to see the Mystic Braves. They are one of the most influential bands in my life. I will be super stoked to go to beach goth because i know it will be an experience i will never forget and will always treasure in my memory.

  47. Mac and fidlar take me back to the best time of life! I’d love to share this experience with my bf and blow his mind with great music & good times!!

  48. I am so excited this year! Die Antwoord to The Aquabats! I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a bad ass line-up!

  49. πŸ†—
    So I really am excited to see drowners!!!! But not only am I excited to see them, but I’m excited to see 100% rest of the lineup. I need these tickets more than I need oxygen to survive. I was born with glass bones and paper skin. Every morning I break my legs, and every afternoon I break my arms. That’s actually from sponge bob, but hopefully you get my point that I need these tickets more than anyone on this green dying earthπŸ™πŸΌβ€οΈπŸ™πŸΌβ€οΈπŸ™πŸΌβœ¨β€οΈπŸ™πŸΌβœ¨πŸ™πŸΌβ€οΈπŸ˜«πŸ™πŸΌβœ¨πŸ™πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ†’πŸ’˜πŸ‘»πŸŽƒπŸ”₯πŸ’βœ¨

  50. I am most excited to see Parliament Funkadelic. Super rad that they will be performing at Beach Goth this year!! Also, I will be wearing a bad ass, funky 70’s outfit so everything falls into place perfectly.
    Thank You and God Bless.

  51. Hi! Facebook put me in timeout (account block?) so I can’t friggin utilize that niche, my apologies. I did follow prompts on Instagram taggin my homies, and reposting with great hashtags on Twitter. I am most excited to see me, with my friends, at this badass mthafkn show after you help us with tix? πŸ˜‰ haha- #contestentryhashtag #jankysmoothhashtag #winninghashtag best lineup I’ve seen this year but I have to say (like all the other hipsters) Claire Boucher, because I adore her & for some dumb reason have not seen her live yet, and she’s an inspiration to all of us eclectic crazy-colored-hair-bitches πŸ™‚

  52. I am definitely most excited to see FIDLAR. They recently played a show down here in Phoenix, but it sold out and I wasn’t able to get a ticket. Their new album is just so amazing, but I’ve haven’t ever seen them before so I’m excited to hear music from their first and second album!

  53. I did have a twitter. I really hope thats not what ruined my chances when I commented on here that I didn’t :(((((

    (cause I didn’t remember my username or password)

  54. I’m a community organizer around Orange County currently in college studying communications and sociology. I also rap and do other forms of art such as drawings painting etc. I would love to see Julian Casablanca’s, The Growlers, Subhumans, the Adicts, P-Funk, Prayers, Juicy J, etc. This years line up is amazing ! My girlfriend and I love all these awesome artists. It would be such a great honor to win these tickets. Please consider me as potential candidate.

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