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A Night at the Museum with Cherry Glazerr and White Fence

Cherry Glazerr at First Fridays

Words: Savannah Peykani

Photos: Taylor Wong

Where can you find dinosaurs going hard in the pit on a Friday night? At the Natural History Museum, of course, as part of their First Fridays program, which last night featured Cherry Glazerr and White Fence.

First off, I have to say how genius the First Fridays’ concert series is. Science is always cool, Los Angeles rock is better than ever and the audience has never been to a venue with a floor this clean.

Cherry Glazerr at First FridaysAfter navigating LA traffic from Orange County, I eventually made it to the Hall of North American Mammals to mosh with some stuffed gray wolves and Clem Creevey, Cherry Glazerr’s lead singer and guitarist. I’ve seen Cherry Glazerr a handful of times, most recently when they opened for Sky Ferreira in November. Six months, a new single and dozens of shows later, Clem is an entirely different performer. Once a pixie teenaged hipster, now Clem is more punk demon ready to take on anyone who dares call her and her band “cute.” Shrieking, gut-busting vocals unleashed a fury of angst throughout the crowd. Their brief set, of which I only saw the last half, was enough to get out all the frustrations I may have gone through this week. Thanks for the catharsis Cherry Glazerr.

Anthony Valadez Mixing it Up at First Fridays

Anthony Valadez Mixing it Up at First Fridays

Between sets, I made my way over to the DJ room in the African Mammal Hall, where DJ Raul Campos and Anthony Valadez laid down some of the sickest beats I’ve heard in a while. To not dance or groove even a little would have been impossible. Trombone added the magic touch to the Latin mixes that pulsed, causing hips to swing and creating endless Snapchat stories.

White Fence at First Fridays

White Fence at First Fridays

I walked back into the North American Mammal Hall to see White Fence with pretty much no idea what to expect. I’ve only listened to their music in passing, so I wouldn’t call myself a fan of theirs. Their set last night left me rather confused, actually. For every upbeat, shredding track, there was a slow fizzling song to follow it. I wanted some consistency- to either immerse myself into a pit or stay vibing to the glimmer music the whole set. I found myself going back and forth, not knowing exactly what energy-level to maintain. No one else seemed to have this problem, however, with the rest of the crowd falling right in step with the chaos and taking a time out when the mood was right to just sway instead.

At one point, Tim Presley kindly reminded us that the brontosaurus has been reinstated as a dinosaur, almost making the whole event feel like some weird inside joke. Yes, I couldn’t help but ask myself, as I learned what a collared peccary was and wandered around the Nature Lab between sets, why? Why is there a concert here, of all places? How did they book these bands for a classy evening of learning, drinking and dancing?

In the end I realized these answers didn’t really matter, to just enjoy this unconventional and unique night out.


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