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Them Howling Bones Record Release at the L.A. Fort

Them Howling Bones

Punk fuckin’ rock! That is how I would describe November 14th’s Them Howling Bones EP release Party at The LA Fort. The LA Fort is this cool little artist collective over in bum fuck LA- I’m serious bums are actually fucking on the street outside The Fort. I have to go into more detail about the venue for you to understand just how punk rock it is. There are absolutely no bathrooms or running water and the entire place smells like BO mixed with shit and bad breath. Last time i was there was there was for Pangea and FIDLAR which was way too legit, minus the part where I was flat tired by a shoe with dog shit on it. Even last night I was approached by a fat crack head prostitute when i was getting ready to drive off in my car. This place just bleeds punk rock.

I got to the show a bit early which was perfect since I found parking right in front.  I didn’t want to have to pay homeless joe another 5 bucks to watch my car. Getting there early was also smart because they had an open Colt 45 bar for the first two hours, how much more punk can you get? The sound was off to a rocky start with my boys from Cretin Hop’s equipment not working right. Again what would a show like this be with out those fuck ups? At this point the crowd started piling in. It was awesome to see the homies from Tapioca and The Flea as well as Brandon Blaine of Plague Vendor show up to support Them Howling Bones on their big night. The only problem with the night, I would say, was that at about half mass they cut off entry saying they were at max capacity. The Fort has been known for getting shut down due to over capacity so I can understand where they were coming from.

The first band to go one was Cobalt Cranes. They kinda got fucked when it came to sound quality. You could barely here the vocals and the rest of the sound just kind of blew. To me this band sounded a little too mellow indie for me so I got a few photos and made my way to the smoking patio. The smoking patio seemed more packed than The Fort did, and it consisted of disgruntled party goers that were either turned away for max capacity or lack of RSVP. Either way the outside crowd was not pleased.

Next up was the band Levitation Room. These guys are fantastic, great sound and great stage presence. Although last night they were acting a little diva-ish complaining about how shitty the sound was and would stop every song to get every thing worked out. This kinda forced me back out to the smoking area again which seemed to have doubled in size.

Last up for the night was Them Howling Bones. I’ve been following these guys since they started, original line up and all. Their sound, luckily, was on point thanks to the team they have working with them on this EP. They played all their great songs such as Luci, Howling Man, Left for Dead, and Follow You Home. The energy these guys put off is amazing. Half the times you can’t  understand what Pedro Torres is saying on the mic between songs but it gets you fuckin pumped. Mitch Micoley melted faces with his guitar solo last night as usual. It’s so hard for me to write about these dudes with out sucking metaphorical howling bones dick. These guys are pretty much my all time favorite up and coming band in LA and I am so happy I got to be a part of this night. keep an eye out for future Howling Bones gigs.

You can hear the newly released EP by Them Howling Bones Here

Words and Photos by: Taylor Wong

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