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Sneak Peak of Them Howling Bones New Video: Say Goodbye

Them Howling Bones

Them Howling Bones

Them Howling Bones are working on a new EP called ‘Dolores’ and we are proud to give you a preview of the first single and video called ‘Say Goodbye’.  Say Goodbye has that vintage rockabilly vibe on vocals with a straightforward, honest rock and fucking roll arrangement.  Them Howling Bones have refined the sound they have been working on the past few years that is vocally, highly reminiscent of artists on Sun Records– It’s like Memphis in Eastern Los Angeles.  The throwback vibe continues with a tribute to Wolfman Jack all throughout the video.

Them Howling Bones

Them Howling Bones

If Say Goodbye is any indication of what we can expect on Dolores then we are all in for a pretty big treat when it drops.  Them Howling Bones are ever a DIY outfit.  If you are in Los Angeles, look out for these banners and know that Them Bones are throwin’ down.




Dudes are shoving off on national tour starting Sunday in Arizona and stretching from the east coast, mid west and back again.  We will continue to give you Them Howling Bones updates, premiers and previews as new shit becomes available because we love this band!

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