May 18, 2024

3 thoughts on “Take This: OFF! at Alex’s Bar 16 Year Anniversary Ticket Giveaway

  1. There are NO other new punk bands that stack up to OFF! There are a few cool bands that have played with off in the last couple years that I’ve never heard of before . One was cerebral balsey. I’ve heard good things though about Death Hymn Number Nine but just haven’t gotten around to listenING to them yet. Anyways not sure how to enter for the free OFF!tix at Alex bar for thear sweet sixteen this sat! But tix are sold out and I’m desperate!!!! Tell me what I need to do !!! I’ll do it!

  2. I havent seen a band lately that could stack up to off! But the last time i did, it was death hymn number 9. They always put on a great show. Im excited to see them aswell as off! This weekend. Ive never seen kim and the created. But i heard good things so im looking foward to check them out. Its my birthday so i hope i win some tickets. Excited to go either way.

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