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Death Valley Girls in a Desert Daze Disneyland- Janky Smooth Sessions

Bonnie and Larry of Death Valley Girls by Josh Allen

Bonnie and Larry of Death Valley Girls by Josh Allen

Death Valley Girls front woman, Bonnie Bloomgarden aka Bonz Doomgarden is no stranger to the unexplained mysteries of what lay just beyond the logic of the material world.  Death Valley Girls axe man, Larry Schemel stands guard at the gates of sanity to guide his friend and artistic collaborator through the challenges of channeling other dimensions and both friendly and diabolical deities that look to walk through the doorway of this domain.  Does that sound hyperbolic?  Have you met Bonnie?

Larry and Bonnie joined Janky Smooth Sessions and Danny Baraz at Desert Daze 2016 to discuss the magick of the festival and the significance of ending their nationwide tour supporting their impressive sophmore LP, Glow in the Dark at what so many that attended the fest agree is one of the most significant festival experiences of their lives.

Death Valley Girls at Desert Daze 2016

Death Valley Girls at Desert Daze 2016 by Josh Allen

Alien abductions, fan sing alongs, corporatism, Desert Daze founder, Phil Pirrone vs Disneyland founder Walt Disney and attempting to quantify the magick that surrounded Desert Daze under the blood red, hunters super moon that enveloped the Institute of Mentalphysics in Joshua Tree California.

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Death Valley Girls

Death Valley Girls by Joanna Bautista

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The Hunters Moon at Desert Daze 2016

The Hunters Moon at Desert Daze 2016 by Josh Allen

The Very First Janky Smooth Session in the backyard of Phil Pirrone and Julie Edwards

Deap Vally & Moonblock Family- Janky Smooth Sessions
Deap Vally- Janky Smooth Sessions

Deap Vally/ Moonblock – Janky Smooth Sessions by David Evanko

Words: Danny Baraz

Video: Josh Allen

Video Editor: Stanley Tucker for Scene and Heard

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