April 16, 2024

15 thoughts on “L7 Stop Pretending They Are Dead at The Echo

  1. Great story!
    When I lived near Philadelphia, I’d gone to see them perform three times. But seeing them perform, at The Echo, for the first time since I last saw them ranks as one of the top 2or 3 concerts of all-time, and this was only their warm-up! Also, seeing the original lineup was my first as well. As I stood up at the front next to Jennifer Finch, this band showed that no matter how old you are, L7’s music has lived on for such a long period of time and so many hardcore L7 fans turned out to this unique and intimate event because their music still had a pulse.
    I can’t wait to see them both nights at The Fonda in July.


  2. Nice POV on the Echo show, which was nothing short of epic. There was a LOT of movement up front – I assumed the rest of the club was following along. And the ladies were incredible. So much energy, and tight for first play in 18 years. Danny I too saw them at Fairfax, with Love Battery… and 7 year bitch I think. (That was the loudest show I ever experienced. ) But L7 is probably my most-seen act of all time (besides Jane’s Addiction, of course) so I’ve probably stood right next to you at some point! It’s good to have L7 back.

    1. That’s right. Love Battery and 7 Year Bitch. Great call dude. What a show that was. I did see a few people mixing it up at the VERY front of the stage on Thursday night but it was pretty well contained. Thanks for sharing your experience man.

  3. I was there. My face was melted off. There’s nothing else I can do to describe the monstrosity that was the show. I second every single thing that Dan Lafferty said above… I was probably standing right next to him because I was in the front between Finch and Sparks. In fact, when Jennifer slipped down the monitor, she hit me in the head ever-so-gently with the headstock of her bass. I am still going apeshit over this show. And I can say after seeing L7 5 times in the late 90s with Gail and Janis on bass, this was absolutely no comparison. This was hands down the best rock show I have ever seen, ever, including the first time I got to see L7 as a teenager. The crowd was electric, the band was electric, I almost started crying with Dee (I told her how much we as fans love them and how much they mean to us, and she said the same thing about the fans, and we both got misty – it was a moment…).

    If they’re just getting warmed up, I don’t know what else to be prepared for!!!!

    1. Who gives a shit as long as they give the fans their moneys worth???? You can’t fake that no matter what your primary motivation is.

        1. Well, importance is prioritized by the individual. For me, the most important thing is to see the love of playing and passion exuding from the artist. If you’re all about a paycheck, that will come across and all I’m saying is that they were rocking the fuck out… not just going through the motions!

          1. …the choice about the dates in Europe was just insane, not even 1 new song, very short gigs…
            You see? All this don’t smell very good eh?
            But I know…we all need money.
            I hope they will be inspired for new material and they probably need a real management.
            They was great in the 90’s : great songs, no compromise etc but now, it’s sad. And I am not the only one to see/feel it like this.
            I am not mean, I couldn’t put that on their site or fb and I know nobody care about what I am thinking about this but I just wanted to share.

  4. This question for Danny Baraz:
    My wife saw them on the federal building lawn in Westwood but can’t remember the date or who else played.
    Do you remember??

    1. Chris! I was just talking about this with someone. It was a Hemp Fest that they used to do there annually. I can’t remember who else played but they wrote an impromptu song for the event called “Save a Tree, Eat a Beaver” and everytime I see those girls I crack them up by reminding them of that song.

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