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Alice Glass Drops First Solo Single “Stillbirth”

Get giddy, kids. Bad ass, sharp-tonged former Crystal Castles front woman Alice Glass just released her first solo jam “Stillbirth”. In collaboration with L.A. noise rocker Jupiter Keyes from HEALTH (recall this 2007 gem), Alice Glass has crafted a darkly metal neo-psychedelia track, featuring her signature sylphine cooing over some very crunchy industrial beats (that’s just a lot of words for saying it’s rad).

AliceGlassThe 26 year old, Alice Glass explained via social media and her website the genesis for “Stillbirth” came from getting herself away from an abusive relationship she’s been involved in since she was in her teens. This, along with her recent not-so-smooth split from her CC cohort Ethan Kath, points to Alice Glass processing a lot of smashing and crashing lately. But alas, such is life in your 20s. We just hope she continues to keep on keepin’ on while busting balls and taking names. At least we can selfishly admit that we’re all benefiting from her expressive output.

“Stillbirth” is now available to stream and buy digitally. All proceeds benefit organizations that help survivors of domestic abuse, sexual violence, and incest.

Apparently there’s a sister track soon to follow. Stay tuned, glitch heads!

1 Comment

1 Comment

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