July 8, 2024

27 thoughts on “Take This: STRFKR New Years Eve Ticket Giveaway at Teragram

  1. New Years Resolution: Live. Laugh. Love. just kidding. I resolve to live life more like I want to and enjoy the time I’m granted here pn Earth with those I love most. Oh, and f**k wity JankySmooth more. (;

  2. My New Years Resolution is to allocate more time to reflect on what I am thankful for and to spend more time with my parents.

  3. My New Years Resolution is to stop being a small gear working for a selfish company giving me the freedom of following my dreams & passion of creating a band!!!

    Thank you Janky Smooth for giving me a possible opportunity to see my idols, have a good one man.

  4. To continue to share Janky Smooth’s posts until they decide to give me these tickets so I can party with STRFKR.

  5. My favorite resolution has to be every year when I tell myself that I need to succeed and do more and contribute more than I did before. New YEARS are filled with so much hope, love, aspirations, it’s beautiful that people use this to move forward and push theirselves, little do they know everyday is a new bright begining.

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