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Live Stream: Cold War Kids Intimate Performance on Red Bull TV

cold_war_kids_the_cobra_snakeIt’s hard to believe that June 15th will mark 10 years since Cold War Kids released their first EP, Mulberry Street.  Since then they have fought the good fight of rock and roll bands in the main stream.  Somehow, Cold War Kids are able to maintain their originality and edge and still sell records.  They are a GREAT example of a band that can make money and still make good music.

On Wednesday, June 10th at 2pm pacific time, Cold War Kids will enter Red Bull Sound Space at the KROQ radio station to play an intimate show for just 275 fans. Chances are you weren’t one of the lucky ones to win tickets to this event but you can stream this show LIVE and up to 24 hours after the show ends, right here on JankySmooth.com.  I must say, I am thoroughly impressed with what Red Bull is doing in music.

I was able to attend the Alabama Shakes Red Bull Sound Space performance last month but Janky Smooth was not cleared to shoot or write about that show.  This time, Janky Smooth will be shooting the event along with a review of the performance.

But why count on our photos and descriptions?

Visit this page Wednesday at 2pm and for the subsequent 24 hours to see this once in a lifetime show for yourself.

Featured Image by Gregg Greenwood

In Page Photo by The Cobra Snake

Red Bull Sound Select: Corporate Music With Soul?

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