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Lil B interview: Favorite Foods of the Based God

Lil B

With Music Tastes Good right around the corner and Lil B taking the stage to preach the Based philosophy to Long Beach, I wanted to ask the Based God anything and everything about food and its connection to spirituality.

RS: What are your favorite foods to eat? Are there foods that are more “Based” than others? if so, what are they? What specific ingredients do you consider “Based”?

LB: I love natural grown veggies. Those are pretty Based to me.

RS: Do you have any favorite chefs?

LB: Yeah. I love any of the chefs I met recently. I can’t really tell you by name but I’m gonna start making that my thing. The way I know different musicians, I’m gonna know different chefs.

RS: With “Wonton Soup” being one of your most notable songs, are there any other foods you might be inspired to write a song about one day?

LB: Yeah, it is very possible. I love food.

RS: What are some of your favorite restaurants in Nor Cal and in So Cal?

LB: I love restaurants in Berkeley, California. Piedmont, California. Oakland, California. San Francisco, California. The Lettuce Inn in Concord.

RS: What do you see as the difference in personality between people from Nor Cal and people from So Cal?

LB: I see a lot of similarities in love and peace but outside of that, Nor Cal is more laid back.

Lil B

Lil B

RS: America is one of the most overweight nations in the world, how would the Based philosophy benefit people in terms of dietary discipline?

LB: Really just living your life. Living your peace. If you’re happy, I’m happy. If you’re happy with your weight then I’m happy for you. If you want to lose weight then I’ll motivate you and hopefully my music can motivate you to do that.

RS: The curse of the Based God is a proven supernatural phenomenon. With so many corporations manipulating people through what food they consume, is there a case to target any of these companies or brands with the Based God’s curse?

LB: Yes. Yes there is. I might be working soon with more people to fix this. Or I might remain independent.

RS: A lot of the current rappers that were hot at the beginning of the year have already start to drop off the map yet you have maintained your relevancy, what is your secret to longevity?

LB: Being one with the people. I really came into music to help the world. I wanted the world of people to make more money, make more cash, make more money through art, love yourself, loving others, accepting others, accepting yourself, being yourself, embracing others for who they are and loving people. So, I think that’s what is my secret to longevity. Maybe I have a little bit of a sense of humor, maybe loving people a lot, maybe having forgiveness, I hug a lot, I love people. It’s major out here. It’s all love. I also have off days but who doesn’t.

RS: With such an extensive catalogue as you have, how do you choose which songs to put in your set?

LB: I follow the art. Or whatever the Based God feels like.

RS: Speaking of Music Tastes Good, what does the music of Lil B taste like?

LB: It’s yummy.

You can buy tickets to Music Tastes Good and see Lil B live here.





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