May 17, 2024

5 thoughts on “Close Encounters with Kim and the Created At The Echoplex

  1. kim and the created are a gimmick and the music was all over the place…messy and meh after watching Teri channel the devil, anyone playing after her seems too fakeeee. plus, my fucking hair smelt like ass after being doused in beer. GIMMICK and cheap.

    on the other hand, le butcherettes were beyond phenomenal!!! What a force of nature lol Teri can actually play keys/guitar and the woman can actually SING. her voice & music = versatile
    they were the surprise of the night for many ppl

    1. You’re sniffing glue! Anyone would have a tough time following Le Butcherettes but I get stoked on the intensity and simplicity of Kim and the Created. I really dig her voice and the arrangements are just basic, punk power chords but her energy at the shows is pretty epic. If the singer of the band is bleeding after almost every show then you have my respek

      1. wish the music was thought out as much as the performance and clothing, but the article had a sentence are two about the actual music, not much to write about i guess. goes to show musical talent isnt needed to get anywhere as a band in this town, so kudos to that.

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