July 16, 2024

17 thoughts on “Win 2 Tickets to Desert Daze 2015 and Enter Another Dimension

  1. Completed! You should pick me because I just wanna take my lady and groove/get down to some Jesus Sons, LA Witch, Kim and the created, Plague Vendor, MYSTIC BRAVES, BASS DRUM OF DEATH, WARPAINT!!!, and all the other amazing bands playing! Great music, Awesome people, Desert, Camping, sounds like a blast and great experience! Hope I win!


  2. Hi Janky Smooth! I did a sweet RT on Twitter & I’d love to win tickets to Desert Daze because last year’s event was beautiful and life- changing and I’d love to experience it again. Thanks!

  3. Hi Janky Smooth! I did a sweet RT on Twitter & I’d love to win tickets to Desert Daze because last year’s event was beautiful and life- changing and I’d love to experience it again. Thanks!

  4. Hi Janky Smooth! I just completed the first step through twitter. I would love to experience Desert Daze because the lineup looks amazing! I hope you choose me.

  5. Completed! I had a dream about Warpaint and how I was working hard on some costumes they asked me to make right before a show. After I made them I ended up taking a nap and they left without me. I tried calling them to see if they would get me guest listed but they refused and I was so frustrated that I took that nap. My subconscious knows that I would love to see Warpaint amongst other amazing bands on the line up and experience something magical. That’s why you should pick me.
    Thank you.

  6. hey janky smooth i just completed the first step through facebook,
    it would be great if i got the chance to experience desert daze and perceive the music life to its depths,
    get lost in a transitory state of oblivion where only the pure essence of music remains;
    its poetry and art through the labyrinth ear. The line up is sweet & warpaint is beyond awesome! 🙂

  7. just finished sharing your post. I love music but at the same time I’m broke as hell. College budget, yo.

  8. Shared! I’m a big music nerd. I’ve never seen RJD2. The line up is great. I also think Janky Smooth is a really cool site and the people that run it seem really rad and really care about music to get this site going.

  9. Completed! I should be the winner because this lineup is absolutely INSANE and combines bands I’ve been listening to for years (Minus the Bear performing they make beer commercials like this?! OMG. FAILURE?!?) along with tons of great up and coming groups (Levitation Room! LA Witch! Dahga Bloom!) and I haven’t been to a music fest in three years! I’m going crazy!!! Looking forward to the vibes at this awesome fest!!

  10. Posted on IG!
    You should pick me for multiple reasons!
    I have never been to a festival like Desert Daze, I’ve only experienced EDM festivals and I would like to experience a new vibe.
    Second, Minus The Bear is one of my favorite bands ever!!!! This would be my first time seeing them. Their sound is euphoric.
    Third, for my art class I have an assignment where I have to attend a art event and one of the options is a festival and what better festival to attend than DESERT DAZE!

    Please please, this would be such an amazing opportunity for my musical soul!

  11. First off, good luck to everyone!

    I reposted the link on Twitter & FB. I lost 2 contests for Desert Daze tickets. Hope luck is on my side.

    If I win these, it’ll be my first time experiencing Desrt Daze, camping, and being out of the city for the first time. I enjoy these music events & it’ll be great seeing some of my favorite bands in this experience

    I need a break from being a full time student and from my job. I will make the most if this experience. Count on me!

  12. Hello and thank you for the chance to win. I have never been to a huge music festival such as coachella. Something about the over commercialization and gigantic attendance is unappealing to me. I have missed out on many bands I likely will never be able to see (ie Portishead), but I feel I made the right decision because in a crowd of 90,000 – is the experience the band performing, or the thousands of cellphone screens you see being held above your head? Desert Daze sounds real, with a solid line up of real independent artists – highlights for me include RJD2, Warpaint and the amazing Chelsea Wolfe. I have to be extremely careful with my money these days, but winning these tickets would be amazing. Not to mention it’s 4 days before my birthday :3

  13. I have completed the contest on Facebook. I couldn’t tag you on my facebook but I did the hashtag.

    Even if I don’t win the contest I will still buy tickets to attend the festival. I went last year and I had so much fun with my friends and the line ups was great. Saw some of my favorite bands and enjoyed new bands I haven’t heard. I know I will enjoy this years festival too I am stoked to see FAILURE. Cheers.


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