July 8, 2024

25 thoughts on “Take This: Ty Segall and The Muggers Ticket Giveaway in LA

  1. So hard to choose a favorite, been following him for years, but I’ve been obsessed with Manipulator recently, it’s so well balanced musicly and lyrically. I went to the show at the tellagram ballroom when he played with fuzz, wands and thee oh sees. So amazing! Ps. I don’t have Twitter but I follow you on Instagram and Facebook, hopefully I can still win! Fingers crossed! Btw love your guys post and articles

  2. recently i have loved manipulator, because its a double lp length and completely full of very different influences that ty combines to create his own sound that i absolutely love on this album.

  3. Melted is my favorite cuz it was like the first summer you’re with a new girl. It was the first time I heard Ty and my buddy Jeff put it on. First impressions I guess. We were heading to Austin Psych Fest getting pumped up that morning, shaking out our veins from being penned up inside a Fiat on the drive from Santa Fe. Each song was as dirty as it was catchy and I fell for it. 16th is my birthday and tix would send me to the moon

  4. For me it would have to be his first self titled in 2008. Not only did he rekindle my faith and love for garage rock but I still lose my shit and start dancing violently wherever I am when the first raw, broken glass sounding chords of THE DRAG start to rip in.

  5. My favorite Ty album is Melted because I love dancing my ass off to Girlfriend.

    I wanted to get these tickets for my boyfriend’s birthday but they were sold out. Then we missed the secret show. Help me be a good girlfriend so we can blast the song Girlfriend and dance our asses off!!

  6. Slaughterhouse \m/
    That album is a sonic fucking boom coming through drums, guitars, & amps. It gets the blood pumping every time and the first time he recorded with his full band. I also have a very fond memory of getting the shit kicked outta me during Slaughterhouse when I saw Ty live.

  7. Manipulator It gets me so pumped and it’s always on repeat. Crossing my fingers hard so bummed I missed that secret show. Thanks janky smooth for always keeping us updated and for the cool giveaways ✌🏽️

  8. My favorite ty record is lemons. I found this record at a pivotal time in my life. You see, as a young child I was exposed only to what my parents listened to: Sade, Whitney Houston, Selena, Ravi Shankar (my parents are Indian), Kenny G, Celine Dion, etc…then at the tender age of 7 my older sister introduced my to the wonderful world of hip hop. My days were then set to the tunes of A Tribe Called Quest, Snoop Dogg (circa “Doggystyle”), Dr. Dre, Common, Nas, & sounds of the sort. One sad, dreary day my mom dragged my teenage angsty ass down to the local library. Wanting nothing to do with her I scooted my way to the next door “Friends of the Bookstore” store, a secondhand shop with books & cd’s for sale. I sifted through the shelves to find an old ass copy of Nirvana’s “Nevermind”. Intrigued by the cover, I paid the 25 cents it was listed for & went on my way. What I listened to was unlike anything I had ever listened to. Ooooh it was so loud, it was so angry, it was so what my teenage self felt every day. More research into the genre led me to find bands like the pixies & Jesus and the Mary chain, and somehow led me to Ty Segall & it was love at first strum.
    Lemons was the first record I bought myself, the first of Ty’s albums I listened to, a record that will always remind me of my teenage years. To me Lemons sounds like what it feels like to be young. Loud & angsty on songs like Johnny & standing at the station, adventurous like untitled # 2, in love like lovely one, sad & melancholy like rusted dust (my all time favorite), & vengeful like die tonight.
    My road to finding Ty Segall was a long one, but after seeing him 11 times, in 4 different cities, in 2 different bands, it’s safe to say he’s got a fan 4 life.
    Thanks for reading my short novel. Plz gimme tix

    1. Sleeper, because it’s so different than anything else he’s ever put out. The songs on it are all acoustic but they’re still so incredibly diverse and powerful and personal.

  9. Some may strongly disagree with me being that it is his most popular album but Melted is my most preferred. The mix between the heavy, Fuzz war backed riffs on sunshine and girlfriend and the bright acoustic stuns of ceaser and Mrs create a perfect balance of all your favorite aspects of ty. Coming in close second would have to be goodby bread followed by the newly reissued ty Rex album. Marc Bolan (t Rex) would be proud of the paid homage. Plus this show sold out hours before I went to by my tickets !! Thanks hanky

  10. So melted should be my fav, but I’ve been listening to Sleeper a lot lately – prob cause I have similar love for trex and Bowie and he harnesses the power of them both in this record. Do much love for ty

  11. I love melted because it screams classic garage rock and has some of my favorite songs such as Finger, Imaginary Person and Mrs. However, my favorite Ty record right now is without a doubt Manipulator. I absolutely love this album; Feel goes so hard, Crawler obliterates and Connection Man is just straight up awesome! It’s one of the few albums that I can listen all the way through multiple times. My music is very influenced by this album so I have to hand it to Manipulator.

  12. I feel like Melted is one of Ty’s most important albums because it’s so easily accessible. Not that I don’t appreciate them all, but when I am going to show a coworker or a friend his work as a new artist, I want to start them off with something I know will immediately get them hooked and wanting more. Melted is the album, in my own opinion, that starts the desire to explore Ty’s entire discography.

  13. I think Twins would be my favorite album from Ty. It opens with the song Thank God For Sinners which just makes me instantly jizz. Also I’m an exchange student from Chile at UCLA and this would be my only chance ever to see Ty Segall live, since I’m leaving soon back to Chile.

  14. Goodbye Bread because it reached its lumpy hound hands to pull me out of a pit of emotional redundancy!

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