June 16, 2024

4 thoughts on “Television is Flawless at The Teragram Ballroom

  1. (Great review, BTW!) A truly magical night! I DID get a chance to see the last 1/3rd of the 1st night, which was GREAT, and Friday the next night was even better! I did see Television in 1978 (Philly), numerous Verlaine tours, and every LA appearance of the band since the 3rd LP. Always high quality music, and since Jimmy Rip has been playing w/Verlaine since the 80s, he’s really gonna be as good as it can get without Richard Lloyd. The reviewer is right, the band was remarkably tight, and you’d find yourself paying attention to every note. Verlaine was also in really good voice. A great performance by a great American band! PS . 1st night they played a new song (at least i dIdn’t recognize it), pretty spacy, and included their Adventure LP’s ‘Glory’ in the encore….!

    1. Thanks David. The song you are referring to from night 1 is called Persia. I heard it was amazing!

  2. Although I felt it took a couple of songs to really gel (I assumed they didn’t soundcheck since the sound seemed muddy), by the time they hit Venus, I could tell it was special. And then they tore into Little Johnny Jewel, which I don’t think they’ve been play much this year. What a great evening, and I am really thrilled with Teragram and look forward to plenty of shows there.

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