May 17, 2024

19 thoughts on “Take This: Win 2 Tickets to Burger Boogaloo 2016 in Oakland

  1. The mummies because they embody what fun awesome energy filled music is. I have 1 requirement when it come’s to the music I listen to. And that is the band has to sound like they are having fun while playing, otherwise how could they expect me to have fun when listening

  2. Since I heard ‘unlearn’ from dreams in the rathouse I’ve been madly in love with the clams

  3. THEE OH SEES because they are the best live band in the world & I live in Chicago so I don’t get to see them nearly enough!!! I need to win tickets!!

  4. I’m excited to see thee oh sees ,I barely saw them for the first time at the burger aniversery show and they were amazing!!!!!!

  5. Always wanted to take a road trip to San Francisco and Oakland. John waters is one of the best directors Cereal Mom Pecker Pink Flamingos! The mummies dwarves Shannon and the clams the spits. Sounds like a great time!!!!!!

  6. First of all- The Mummies: I missed them last year and don’t wanna miss em again
    Trashwomen: these ladies know who to shred with the rest of them and melted faces at Boogaloo 2013
    Shannon Shaw of Shannon and the Clams has one of the best damn voices in rock n roll today, I’d see them an infinite amount of times
    I hold the same opinion on King Kahn’s voice. Mans got pipes! Never seen them yet and I’ve been dying to.
    The Spits are super legit and put on a real good show.
    Never seen Dwarves, I gotta!
    Same goes for Angry Somoans.
    I also much prefer this type of festival setting over big box fests like Coachella. Bands get treated better, fans get treated better and I get support local events in an area where the places that support this kind of stuff are slowly dwindling. Let them know rock ain’t dead!

  7. most excited to see thee oh sees and john waters! thee oh sees are fantastic live: so much energy, wailing music, and the crowd is always a fantastic mosh of fun. john waters is one of the greatest, silliest, and most smart ass people around. he turns kitsch into the avant garde.

  8. Pretty much excited to see everyone! Especially Seth bogart! His music is so much fun and I know he’d put on a great show. I also really like his art! I’m doing a shoe collection inspired by him/his artwork so seeing him perform would be amazing!

  9. I’m excited to see Shannon and the Clams. Their music is so imaginative and mystical that every time I listen to them I’m taken back to a time where fairytales were very real.

  10. Terry & Louie! “The Exploding Hearts” is one of my all time favorite bands so seieng a piece of that band in 2016 would be incredible!

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