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Janky Smooth and The NSA- Murder BunnyAre you tired of all the noise and propaganda in the Main Stream Media and on the News?  Everyday, the 6 companies that own almost all of the media you consume attempt to make it more difficult to identify “the truth” about what is happening in both foreign and domestic events.  Janky Smooth and The New Sound Alliance is a new radio show on the Los Anarchy Radio Station of Dash Radio that attempts to cut through all the bullshit to deliver to you honest reporting on both the news you see everyday and the news that is hidden from public consumption.

Janky Smooth and The NSA delivers a weekly recap of world events as we try to unite musicians and artists to engage in a new level of activism.  To rekindle the artistic spirit to re engage people in the social and political process. We also feature special, in studio guests, world premiere music and in studio performances.

You can check out past shows as they go up on our Soundcloud the day after airing on Dash Radio.

murderbunnyattackJoin Danny B, Murder Bunny, Taylor Wong (party boy) and the entire Janky Smooth team as we report on the world and deliver the best of independent music.  Janky Smooth and The NSA airs every monday between 6-8pm pacific on the Los Anarchy Radio Station of Dash Radio.

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