May 23, 2024

5 thoughts on “PPL MVR surprise performance at Red Bull’s screening of Spinal Tap

  1. I was going to say one of them is Dave Pino from Damone, Powerman 5000, and Andrew WK, but there he is sans yeti costume. So you know, he’s there doing something.

  2. Nice! That was a pretty hilarious moment in the middle of watching Spinal Tap. Timing couldn’t have been better. So, who are these guys? I think Spike is hot on a trail

  3. I have no idea who they are…we asked the same question since we heard this was only their fourth performance and they were obviously pretty tight already. Definitely it included “Pino” because the other keeper said it was Pino (the guy talking to me may have been Pino’s brother? cousin?). It was great because I asked him about the band and he went on about the “it was hard to find and catch these critters” stuff. I heard something about a possible December 4 performance but no idea where. I had to laugh about the article because I was one of the guys who had the lead singer get in my face…twice. It was all in good fun, though. We definitely want to see these guys again.

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