May 27, 2024

1 thought on “Memoirs of a Bernie Bro

  1. I started supporting Bernie for pres after his appearance on Real time Nov 14 2014 and if you told me that Sanders would go as far as he did, and change politics as much as he did, I would have never believed it. But Sanders supporters need to understand that even though he didn’t win the nomination, his revolution did win. Not only did the DNC adopt many of his policies, but he has introduced a new generation of liberals to participate in politics and whats more, his campaign created a working model to how to fund, organize and mobilize a grassroots campaign and I think many city and state elections will be very winnable for his supporters that are now moving on to participate in politics. What Sanders did was nothing short of amazing and it restored my faith in Americans. I used to think 9/10 Americans were ignorant morons, now I see its more like 6/10, so that’s progress. Sander’s campaign may be over, but his revolution is not.

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