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Love in the Time of Covid: Baltra at Don Quixote

It seems like nothing can stop humanity’s innate compulsion to connect, to converge, to coalesce.  Nothing has solidified this to me more than those of us that did so the Friday night of August 6th 2021 at Don Quixote to do the Delta variant dance for Minty Boi’s presentation of Baltra.

The masked, unmasked, vaxxed and un-vaxxed came together as one writhing, collective consciousness in the midst of the polarization found on any platform that sends and/or receives a signal.  This “new normal” gives people watching an entire pre-programmed context that has taken on new dimensions since the global pandemic began.   

One thing was clear the moment I walked into the missionary-esque celebration hall known as Don Quixote while Miley Serious were throwing down her set: People were ready to de-program, de-contextualize and connect with others or even better still, with themselves.  With the lockdown of live, non-streaming music looming on the horizon once again, people hurled themselves onto the dance floor with reckless abandon- and at each other.

French DJ and 99cts Records label owner, Miley Serious threw down a high energy, set of electro-magnetic music that moved the collective.  Breakdowns were aplenty and beat drops were always timely. 

As Baltra dropped his first record, I looked around.  Fairies, Tigers, Drag Royalty, the hoodied and the more formal sparkled in the pink, translucent glow of this remarkable venue called Don Quixote.  I couldn’t imagine a more perfect setting to dance our asses off.  At some point, I lost my friends but I made new ones but I wasn’t tethered to anyone.  I just put my head down and let my body move for hours.  Alone.  And together.  Thanks MintyBoi!

Words by: Danny Baraz

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