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Music Video Premiere: Cancer Christ’s “Do You Wanna Go To Heaven?”

With the planet finally on the verge of complete collapse and the world’s leaders with nowhere to run, prepare for the skies to crack open and for your head to cave in to let in the Lord’s love. Cancer Christ is here to save us all and spread the gospel to every lost soul. Saint Anthony and his gang of born-again-Christian snake-people will slither through the hearts and minds of society to cleanse the flock of all satanic impurity. The streets will be paved with fire as the glory of God is bestowed upon us.

Saint Anthony of Cancer Christ

What once was lost is now found with the arrival of Cancer Christ. Bare your flesh and blood for a front row seat to the apocalypse as Saint Anthony gives the sermon of all sermons upon the world’s stage. A new era of cleanliness and godliness awaits you and your family. No unholy spirit shall be safe as the cities are flooded by a brand new fleet of heavenly warriors. It’s time to raise the flags of the new and destroy those of the old. A new world is here to bless the devout.

Join us as we rewrite history to honor thy holy name. God loves those who love Cancer Christ. Share the good news with your neighbors and loved ones that they fear not the future. The gates of heaven are wide open for us all. Have your blood and bullets ready for the donation baskets; please give what you can.

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Amen! Hallelujah!

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