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50 shades of Spooky Black: Models, Partiers and Real Hip Hop Heads at The Well


LA got spooky this weekend at The Well. Saturday evening we were blessed with the first ever Spooky Black and The Stand4rd performance in LA, and who better to put the show together other than the people at The Well and UNIF? I was pretty stoked to have been able to cover this show after our access to Chance the Rapper was cut down to just a writer. Spooky Black was definitely a rare and worthy replacement for Chance the Rapper.

I had no prior knowledge of what Spooky Black sounded like before this weekend. I mean I did check him out on Spotify Friday night, but prior to this I always thought he was just some white rapper from the butt fuck middle of no where. After doing some research I was pretty excited for this party. The dude has talent for a 16 year old Minnesota boy. He reminds me of a young softer version of How To Dress Well.

Other than the fact that they had great performers for the night, UNIF threw a kick ass party. The bar was open all night with Colt 45’s, Vodka, and Gin (at least thats all they had when i finally got to the bar). The place was packed with babes and actual models such as Alysha Nett. I mean not just models were out, any one who was any one in the industry were there. For a first UNIF party experience this was a good one.

Zabba and crew

Zabba and crew


Alysha Nett and Fucktard

Alysha Nett and Fucktard

I don’t exactly remember what time Spooky Black took the stage but i do remember i was caught off guard and had just bought two drinks at the bar so my hands were full. yes, both the drinks were for me. Who are you to judge? any ways i pounded one of the drinks and fought my way to the side of the stage to get a spot to shoot from.  Spooky had the most angelic voice and performed two songs solo before joined on stage by the rest of The Stand4rd. The Stand4rd is a collective that consists of Spooky Black, Alan Kingdom, Bobby Raps, and Psyman. These kids took The Well hard. They were so good that I don’t think the girls cared that they were only 16 years old. Well I mean I know they didn’t care because they were yelling foul, disturbing things at Spooky Black. I mean things no child should be told by an adult. The show ended at a solid time of midnight where I called it a night. Its been a long week and that was the perfect Saturday evening. I can’t wait to see what these guys produce down the line.

Words and Photos: Taylor Wong



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