May 20, 2024

16 thoughts on “Ticket Giveaway: Runaway at Jewels Catch One 7/11/2015

  1. I should win these tickets because I’m broke as hell and I haven’t been to any shows this summer 🙁

  2. I would love to win these tickets so I can go with my best friend before she leaves for college on the east coast to a town that never has awesome shows like this. The garden is our favorite band and everyone else on the lineup is super great too! I would buy us a couple of tickets but I’m very broke so I hope I win thanks!

  3. This would be the perfect birthday/goodbye gift for my best friend who is leaving to college in August and whose birthday is that weekend.

  4. Honestly I can’t tell if this article is for the original giveaway or if you guys are giving away another pair? But I’m really especially trying to see The Lovely Bad Things bc I bought tickets to their last local show and caught a stomach flu the same day 🙁 And I’d like to see Kool A.D. too! Idk it’s generally a very interesting/appealing lineup and I’m hoping you’re actually giving away another pair okay thanks!

  5. I live with a pack of wolves and on that very day they are going to a deer sacrificing ceremony, hence my only free day which i’m choosing to spend here

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