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Janky Smooth Exclusive: A Scene from The Icarus Line Must Die

The Icarus Line were an unique and quintessential Los Angeles band filled with much internal conflict and turmoil that inspired the creation of great rock and roll. Filmmaker Michael Grodner set out to capture the band’s history and its member’s personal journeys of death and taxes through Los Angeles in his film The Icarus Line Must Die. In this exclusive scene, Icarus Line lead singer Joe Cardomone finds himself in a struggle that every musician must be familiar with and that’s trying to make good money making music. It feels like a conversation we’ve all had, in a place we’ve all been, only Joe seems totally original.

The Icarus Line Must Die is now available on VOD from Google Play, Youtube, iTunes, and Amazon. You can watch the film’s trailer here:


Joe Cardamone released his first album as a solo artist this year. Holy War delves into the world of dark electronics to make what some people are calling “industrial soul”. Utilizing a powerful array of symbols and a dangerous singing style, the mystery to this artist seems to thicken the more we learn about him.

You can check out Joe Cardamone’s solo album Holy War here:


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