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The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Fire Doesn’t Grow on Trees Tour Rolls up to the Wiltern

One of the world’s most iconic modern psychedelic rock bands, The Brian Jonestown Massacre are returning to Los Angeles for a tour stop at the Wiltern meant to melt their audience only after they’re tripping too hard to stop it from happening. That’s right, Anton Newcombe and his wild bunch are bringing retro psychedelia back with a vengeance. Having released two new singles, “The Real” and “Where Do We Go From Here?” earlier this year off their upcoming album titled Fire Doesn’t Grow on Trees, the band is geared up and ready to deliver all the best elements of BJM from hazy grooves, explosive rhythms, walls of sound, face melting fuzz, and drone for daze. With support from Mercury Rev, Friday night at the Wiltern is set to bring the LA psyche community out in droves and leave them totally wasted but happy.

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