June 16, 2024

2 thoughts on “Take This: 2 Tickets to Shredtopia Sk8 Contest and Concert

  1. My first skateboard was an old beat up maui and sons fish tail. I found it in the garage of the house my family moved into when I was about 10. I didnt know anything about brands or graphics so I ended up painting over the whole thing with some leftover paint I also found in that garage. I didn’t know a single person in the neighborhood so for the first year of living there all i did was roll around in that garage trying to figure out how the hell to balance myself on that thing. Eventually, my skateboard became my best friend and I quickly became obsessed. That same year, I got my first Thrasher magazine for Christmas and some new Black Panther bearings for that old shitty setup that barely rolled and finally learned how to skate for real. I’ve been hooked on skateboarding ever since.

    1. Great story dude. Hard to choose from all these comments overflowing but… I think you win! Check yo inbox

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