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New Song Premiere: U.K. Heavy Psych Band SAP release “Sucker”

SAP- "Sucker" song premiere

SAP- “Sucker” song premiere

A band that we’ve been digging is London based, heavy psych, garage rock outfit, SAP.  Our friends at Foxes Magazine shot us a link a couple months ago and this shit has been streaming ever since. Today we premiere the latest track, “Sucker” from SAP ( which stands for “Simple Ass People” )

SAP Sucker unleashes a frenetic energy of crash cymbals, fills and taunting vocals built around classic riffs and licks.  The tone of their fuzz brings that vintage sound that has become quite common and even, contemporary but still manages to set itself apart from the filler of those looking to capitalize on a popular movement.  Authenticity is what distinguishes a band like SAP and a song like “Sucker” from the wannabe’s that have become super fans of The Sonics and Thin Lizzy overnight, which, isn’t inherently poseur-ish but simply stretches credibility and the motives of those that write and produce music for any reason outside of an internal compulsion to rock the fuck out.

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We here at Janky Smooth will keep our third eye on Simple Ass People and their output to continuously verify that authenticity continues to produce tracks that are true to the songs in their soul, or some shit.  Enjoy.

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/sapband
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sapband
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sapband/

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